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Telepresence Robots

Temi Personal Robot

In addition to Telepresence, the Temi robot features autonomous navigation and 2D Mapping & 3D localisation. This allows it to map out a space and save different locations on the map.  The robot can navigate on its own to any mapped location, using obstacle avoidance to prevent collisions along the way.

It uses AI for facial recognition and can detect and follow people.

The Temi also has built-in speech recognition and can be used with Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa.

There is also a tray on the back of the robot which can be used to carry and deliver items. 

We recommend the Temi robot for: hands-free tracking in telepresence calls, autonomous navigation around a location, out-of-the-box AI and voice assistant, personalised software applications, and Bluetooth connectivity with external devices. 

To get more information on the Temi personal robot, please click on the button below to see the full specification.

Double 3 Robot

The Double 3 is a beautifully designed self-balancing robot that will make a great impression. Built-in obstacle avoidance means that completely untrained drivers can drive Double 3 without fear of bumping into walls or people. Simply click anywhere on the floor in front of you, and your Double will drive there, avoiding obstacles along the way.

The screen height can be remotely controlled to allow the user to find the ideal position to view and interact in the remote space, with the option to select a sitting height of 119cm to a maximum standing height of 150cm or anywhere in between.


Fleet management tools allow multiple robots to be deployed and managed from a central dashboard on the web.


Ohmni® Telepresence Robot

The Ohmni® telepresence robot stands 4'8 tall and so allows for natural human height interactions.

It has a tilting neck so that the screen angle can be adjusted to maximise the view.


The robot can be folded for easy transport and is lightweight and portable.

It's whisper-quiet and smooth running.

We recommend the Ohmni® robot for: Telepresence calls, portability and practicality, and value for money.

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