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Double 3 telepresence robot

Introducing the Double 3 Telepresence Robot

With its unique self-balancing design, this robot is sure to make a big impression. It is the ideal choice for remote office workers or students wanting to maintain a remote physical resence in their place or work or study.


An array of 3D sensors enables the Double 3 to understand its environment, where it's safe to drive, and how to divert around obstacles to reach the destination.

Simply click anywhere on the floor in front of you, and the Double will drive there, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Virtual objects enhance the camera view to create a Mixed Reality image.

Double 3 robot mixed reality view in a warehouse


Two 13-megapixel cameras provide an ultra-wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. A precision gearmotor enables both cameras to physically tilt up and down to allow the driver the perfect viewing position.

GIF demonstrating the Double 3 robot camera pan and zoom features


Drive your Double from anywhere in the world via Mac, PC/Windows, iPad, or iPhone. 

Google Chrome or Firefox is required for Max and PC. iOS 8 or newer is required for iPad or iPhone.

Screenshot of the Double telepresence robot driver app showing the different form factors


Double fleet management software allows many robots to be managed from one central dashboard on the web. Use it to schedule robot calls.

Screenshots of the Double fleet management software


Simply visit our Contact Us page and request a quote for the Double 3 robot.

Check the box for an optional test drive to try it out.

You will be up and rolling in no time!

Double 3 telepresence robot features overview
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